Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Ineffable Sadness Of Truth

The guy in the video is Matthew Naus. According to the YouTube description of the video, he was angered by the fact that he sent DVDs and pamphlets to 80 senators and received NO RESPONSE. He went to Washington over a year ago and distributed DVDs and pamphlets to eighty senate offices and received NOT ONE AKNOWLEDGEMENT! He’s selling the truth and NO ONE IS BUYING!

It’s easy to make fun of these people but take a look at this webpage. There is something ineffably sad about the whole enterprise. Look at the pictures of the demonstrations. No more than 12 or 15 people show up (probably the same people every time). Donations are solicited to buy DVDs, literature, stamps and stationary to get out the TRUTH and no one is listening. Most of the stuff given out probably ends up in the trash of the recipients.

The young people in this movement will probably grow up eventually, get jobs, mates, careers, a life. But these guys are middle-aged and older and have totally bought into a delusional belief system. Some will drift away from this ‘activism,’ others will probably go to their deaths clutching their ‘truths.’

The only humane response possible is pity, yes, but also great, great sadness at the waste of human lives and the time, energy, money and potential being squandered on a delusion.

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