Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Inside the Twin Towers

YouTube playlist in 13 parts. Originally broadcast 9-11-2006 on the Discovery Channel.

Inside the Twin Towers offers a minute-by-minute explanation of the horror, confusion and the selfless actions on that fateful day. This two-hour docudrama combines gripping recreation with the vivid testimonies of survivors, victims' families, emergency workers and city officials to create an intimate first-hand account of what it was really like inside.

Extraordinary stories include Stanley Priamnath and Brian Park, two men who had never met until that day but whose friendship, faith and steely determination would see them both survive; Jan Demczur, the window cleaner who managed to save the lives of his fellow elevator passengers by unimaginable methods; and the firefighters who bravely entered the Towers - many of whom never returned.

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