Friday, April 22, 2011

Sifting Through The Rubble For The Truth About 9/11

Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network The Colin McEnroe Show
Host: Colin McEnroe. Guests: Cheryl Curtiss, JoAnne Bauer, Manny Badillo, Tony Szamboti.

From Colin McEnroe:

"Let me be clear: I believe 9/11 was the work of al-Qaeda. I believe they hijacked planes and flew them into buildings. Let me also be clear: I believe there was a concentrated, organized effort at the highest levels of American power to mislead the American public about the fundamental nature of 9/11 and that said effort was largely successful. I'm referring to the notion that Saddam Hussein was partly or largely responsible for the attack, a belief that was embraced by more than 50 percent of Americans in the years following the 9/11attacks. I also believe the CIA, probably abetted by the White House, stonewalled the commission on at least one major aspect of its investigation. The reason I believe this is because the commission chairs, Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, said so. Today, you'll meet people whose 9/11 doubts are greater and graver."

Originally broadcast on April 18, 2001. 49 minutes.

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