Monday, August 25, 2008

Dr. Shyam Sunder On No Lies Radio

Allan Rees of No Lies Radio Radio interviews Dr. Shyam Sunder of NIST on August 21, 2008, the day NIST released its report on the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. 28 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Sunder was excellent. He kept his composure and his politeness - something I could not have done in the circumstances. He kept to the facts (to his remit, his area of expertise) and did not try to engage the 'scattergun' of half-truths and speculation of the host - a feature of the truther, the creationist and the holocaust denier. In doing so the well qualified Dr. Sunder showed that rational (fact based) reality is not always black and white, clearcut and definite, but has to be honestly faced as sometimes messy and hard to interpret.