Friday, August 8, 2008

Luke Rudkowski/Nico Haupt Double Feature!

Since it was too hot to go outside today, I whipped up two video edits in a comedy vein. It's a Luke Rudkowski of We Are Cry Babies NYC double bill featuring the transgressive humor of the one and only Nico Haupt. Enjoy! (Promotional consideration by the Millennium Hilton overlooking Ground Zero in lower Manhattan.)

First up is Attack of the Nico Beast. As Count Floyd of SCTV's Monster Chiller Horror Theater would say, "It's scary stuff!"

Our second feature is I Didn't Insult That Lady (you can skip to the punch line beginning at the 7:57 mark if you're so inclined).

The videos are presented in reverse chronological order. The “mustache incident” in the first video took place at Ground Zero in May of 2008 and the legal document being brandished is a restraining order taken out after NICO’s “insult” to Luke’s lady in the second video, the events of which happened in January 2008.

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